10 Conditions of Marriage

10 Conditions of Marriage

Today, household discomfort and divorces are increasing. Well, why are marriages ended? Is economic woes? Is communication problems? Or by reason of jealous or disloyal?

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Actually, all of them and more are reasons. The real reason is that couples cannot fulfill 10 conditions of marriage which are love, respect and trust. There are conditions of marriage like being conditions of religion and Islam. Couples can be happy in marriages when they only perform certain conditions. If couple perform certain conditions, problem is seen a flea that was a camel but if couple do not, problem is seen a camel that was a flea. There are 10 conditions of marriage for being longevous and loving marriage:



  • 1-     Chat together privately
  • 2-     Have a great time together
  • 3-     Make love
  • 4-     Have a shower and sleep together
  • 5-     Gift each other
  • 6-     Serve
  • 7-     Request each other instead of blaming
  • 8-     Appreciate, praise and approve each other
  • 9-     Respect of family
  • 10-  Pacta sunt servanda



1-Chat together privately

Couple should honestly and openly talk about issues that are painful, their own needs, desires, emotions and limits. Couple should also pay attention to tell truth. You should maintain eye contact while talking and you should not busy with anything while listening. Couple should take pain over being taken disclosure of emotions, you should observe partner’s body language and you should not stop a speaker. A quality communion is not only listen to understand, but also requires the description itself.


2-Have great time together

Action of “Spent time together” includes everything that is couple’s interests. Actually, it is important that couple gives their attention each other and they should spend qualified and competent time together. Aim is that doing something together, being able to complete this experience and create a memory bank. This bank will be a symbol of love and sound.



3-Make love

Marriage is designed for the requirements of intimacy, sexuality and love.  Regardless of sexuality is the science and art of being able to orgasm that person focuses on the pleasure of touch and sex intercourse, gives and takes pleasure, shares the spirit and the body because ones of the ways forward love are sex, touch and physical contact. In fact, some couples do not feel loved without making love and contact.


4-Have a shower and sleep together

The way of emotionally and physically close to each other is having a shower and sleeping together. This situation is also a very ancient marriage rule. However, word of “Go to bed, I will go to bed a little later!” began to be used by couple in recent years. This has led to increase in divorces.




In every culture, giving a gift is a part of love and marriage because gift is a symbol of the idea of person’s remembrance. Person needs to think somebody in order to give a gift. It is not more important that gift is cheap or expensive, it is important that person thinks to buy a gift and give a gift as an expression of love.


6-Serve together

Couple should do something that is each other’s likes, serve each other to please and thus couple should attempt to imply their own love for each other.



7-Request each other instead of blaming

It is very important to express your desires and wishes instead of blaming. If there is blaming, couple can diverge but if you request your desires and wishes, communication is easily established. Your requests give direction to love but your prevents demand on the flow of love. Charges, demands and criticism are an ineffective way of supplication for love. Therefore, couple should be constructive.


8- Appreciate, praise and approve each other

Couple should appreciate, praise and approve each other to accept to take each other in the rough. Thereby, couple should take their emotional needs because the way to express love emotionally is that you say beautiful words. Some verbal compliments or words of appreciation send love because you should content your partner to be happy. Verbal compliments are only one way to certify our partner. When couple feels faint themselves, they should say words of encouragement to each other. Love is tender and so tender words must be used. If couple speaks out words, these reflect to indictment, trial and condemnation. These do not reflect love.



9-Respect of family

Respect of family and other relatives is as a condition of marriage, it is also a requirement of the customs and traditions. Sincerity, reliability, humility, simplicity, kindness, love and respect are essentials in relationships. Gain confidence of family elders, respect them and being honest are features of morality. Nobody sure couple’s futures that couple do not respect and trust each other and other relatives. Sense of respect and trust are like a fee interlock bricks in marriage. If there is not fee, the wall can collapse at any moment. In other words, if there are not senses of respect, trust and love in marriage, there cannot be peace and happiness. People are happy on account of respect, trust and love. There are feelings of sadness and grief if these feelings are not.


10-Pacta sunt servante

Truth which means continuing love and commitment to love, also means to fulfill the promises, keep the promises, love, friendship and stability. In other word, being truth is that couple can stick by promises each other. In this respect, truth is full, perfect, sincere, strong and unwavering commitment of the heart. Elders said; “First life, then lover (canan)”. Life is partner, lover (canan) is others. Each other should be priority for couple and they are not selfish about this. They cannot afford the loss of value, they must value. In this regard, firstly person should think partner about issues that require great sacrifice, then others. Person should not deny partner kindness, care, respect and reverence which you show for others. Loyal and faithful couples always say “WE” with love whatever may come alone. Registry office says; “Good times and bad times, in illness and in health, do you promise to love each other and protect themselves?” and couple says; “Yes!”. Pacta sunt servant is to abide by a promise.