3G Points of Men

3G Points of Men

Sexuality continues to be subject to all kinds of unrealistic rhetoric and superstitions, which colorizes to life, makes the relationship more enjoyable and funer, in order to be whispered like a secret.

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Sexuality is a reality of life and one of the most fundamental phenomena of physical and mental health but it is still seen as both social and moral taboos. Therefore, sometimes it can cause individual, familial and social problems which are difficult to resolve. Sexuality varies from person to person, it involves the actions which are continuation of generation, communicate with partner, taking and giving pleasure so any man or woman does not want to remove sex in own life. On the contrary, they want to be able to be enjoyed more. We can say that sexual feelings, fantasies and desires, which are essential part of well-being like body and soul, are natural and all of them will be during life. Regardless of sexuality is the science and art of being able to orgasm that person focuses on the pleasure of touch and sex intercourse, gives and takes pleasure, shares the spirit and the body. Therefore, sexuality must be the most beautiful and special shopping in the world. How do couples shopping? Of course, they are giving pleasure how they want to take enjoy! If that is so they will make discovery the points of pleasure.


There are 9 different erogenous points in bodies of men to seduce them which close to the nerves. There are head of penis, the edge of the lower lip, the front side of the neck, nipples, ankles, joins the line of the ovaries, prostate point, perineum and frenulum.


The first important element during the preparation of sex with men is image and posture of woman. Women make a success of this and they easily attract minds of men with erotic connotations. When men are ready to have sex, women will continue passionate touches and kisses. These put in action to men. The parts of process, women should discover the sensitive points of men. Women should touch the first G-spot of men “frenulum” which are just below penis for this during foreplay. Frenulum is in nerve endings and men fell ecstatic while touching. Men always love frenulum touches because they go into ecstasy, their heart rhythms and breathing accelerate. In addition, head of penis is more erogenous and sensitive. In the second stage is higher arousal, the “perineum” is known that second G-spot should be focal point for women that is skin between the anus and ovaries in order that penis maintains an erection for longer time. “The points of spiritual sex” is known perineum causes that men take pleasure deeper, easily control ejaculation with doing mild or harsh touches by women. Finally, the third G-spot is known “prostate point” is very stimulant which is a big toe away from the points of the anus of men. When women stimulate the prostate point, time of sex and ejaculation can extend and thanks to this, couple can have more fulfilling sex. Thus men pull legs back abdominal regions in order that women reach prostate point. Moreover, prostate massage for stimulation prostate point helps erectile and sexual function problems and even it might be well against prostate cancer.


Most of men ignore these temptations because of the fear of homosexuality, wriggle with deep feelings of guilt and mask these like a mortal sin. However, the stimulation of G-spots is very natural and normal sex acts. It is not a tendency to homosexuality if men discover G-spots. It is normal. G-spot of human body is one of many erogenous zones. Furthermore, homosexuality means that person emotional enjoys fellow human so the stimulation of G-spots does not cause to gay because men are stimulated erogenous zones such as inner and ear which is the same as women.


The stimulation of the G-spots, which is called forbidden apple, does not womanize to men but many of men do not want partner to stimulate G-spots though fear of “If I am womanized”. However, the stimulation of G-spots effects man is more mature, confident and enjoyable.


You can use ostrich feathers, silk fabrics or scented oils ect. for stimulation to G-spots. Women should be careful to discover G-spots of men.  After couple should make foreplay, woman should touch G-spots. Couple should use creams with circular movements and woman should be very slow because G-spots are very sensitive and woman may hurt these. This can reduce men’ pleasures and distribute their concentrations of sex.

“Mature sex means to let itself go the rhythm of love and the flow of work. It is the work of heart and touching, it is not the work of head and thinking…”