Appling to A Therapist

Appling to A Therapist

When person have some problem, he/she should mobilize her/his own resources before.

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Psychological problems are overcame with an assessment that is accurate and efficient, an identification (how long, when, how often and what intensity), a good observation, an unconditional support of family, a correct interventions and sometimes easily. However, these methods may draw a blank at time and so they are turn into intractable problems that are a vicious circle. At this point, GETTİNG SUPPORT of a THERAPİST can be useful. Moreover, a therapy can not be limited only by the resolution of psychological problems. At the same time, therapy is necessary to help healthy individuals to be more conscious because therapy can not judge people because of person’s thoughts and feelings and it can provide a safe environment in order to examine person’s problems. Therapy can gather together with the problems of the past and the present in via a meaningful way so it brings a different perspective.


The question of “When should I apply a therapist?” is one of the questions on many people’s minds. If person is into self-destructive behavior for solving emotional problems, cuts from appetite, disrupts sleep patterns, has experiencing problems in relationships, has a trivial loss, does not control over stress, has lack of self confidence or a sense of failure, has sexual problems, has some problems about job or place of business, does not concentrate, feels senses of unhappy, helpless and hopeless, thinks that he/she should go to therapist or not ect., person must have a right time to apply a therapist. The half of treat is that person can contact with a therapist after he/she accepts problems which person live negative situation. Another half will be done easily with help of an experienced therapist.


Every solution source of problem is inside person. People can remember miserly as the proverb of “Flood is going, its sandy is not!” There are the synthesis and inferences of memories rather memories in level of consciousness. One of the biggest differences between a health person and a mental distress person is that a health person knows how she/he lives and is happy without fears of the future and past. People are under the influence of past and future so they have often remembered the golden days of childhood or they try keeping a part of their lives (good things) in their mind. The cause of this situation is that childhood is carefree life because responsibilities are not yet. Therefore, people are troubled in order that a history is not abandoned and it still exudes the present time. However, living right now is that person can assume her/his own responsibility and learns meaning of life. Therapists have tried to give directions about solution of problems, they have also listened their concerns fears and they have given them the message of “We are here, if you wish you can solve, just so you want!” The most important thing for therapists is that they can say “You are in trouble now, we understand and care your distress and we do not want that you feel upset!


If person can say “I do not want to live with any problem; I want to treat!”, he/she should apply to a therapist because person should want to explain itself. Therapist should used information, experiences, intuition, emotions and even failures in order to be able to understand person. Therapist should use a single and unique approach instead of stereotypes of information. Moreover, therapy is a suitable step for happier and healthier life. A half of mental problems solving is that firstly, you should write the name of your province/place, then words of “treatment” or “therapist” in Google. Hereafter, you should contact with therapist for solving mental problems and an EXPERIENCED THERAPIST will do another half.