Education Before Marriage is Necessary!

Education Before Marriage is Necessary!

Fear of marriage is a fear of psychological connecting that person is exposed to argument, person has negative information from his/her family or neighbor during childhood. People, who have grown up in different cultures and in the family, do not want to be committed to others. In other words, they want to protect themselves from a kind of these. According to the Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK), the number of people, who have a fear of marriages, increase each passing days.

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In our country, pressures of religious, moral, familiar, cultural and environmental make disengaging difficult.  Thinking of married people can divorce never or an idea of finding a better wife/husband cause that they are influenced economically and people discourage from traditional practices such as wedding, engagement so they cannot get married. When person also sees mother and father or other couples who continue discussing each other, person wants to be single.  In other words, person has an unhappy family this atmosphere affects him/her negatively. Therefore, person begins to believe that he/she has an unhappy marriage and he/she forces to accept to live with someone else so he/she gives up marrying.  Fears of marriage responsibilities, do not believe in fulfilling the responsibilities, focus on the disadvantages of marriage instead of advantages, education, like freedom, decreasing to mediation efforts such as arranged marriages and do not trust modern methods, fears of choosing a wrong partner, fears of sexual failure in marriage, sexual myths and sexual traumas, different sexual orientation and lifestyle, getting married and divorced previously, having an unhealed pain of love, having a platonic love, being attached to parents too and media which brings into sharp relief the negative effects of marriage ect. All of them are between the other reasons of fears of marriage.


People, who are worried about sexual failure in marriage, fear of marriage. In our county, eight out of every ten women and even out of every ten men have active sexual life have sexual problems a term of their life.  In particular, including erectile dysfunction and vaginismus, sexual problems snowball and these cause wounds that are very difficult. Therefore, fears of sexual failure cause someone to refuse to marriage.


People need to trust both of him/herself and others to overcome the fear of marriage and have right knowledge. People want to continue their descents as all humans.  It is a marriage that is accepted as ways of religious, moral, social and legal by the society. People must be mature of age and get rid of being dependence on their families. The responsibilities of being a mother or father and get marriage are difficult for person who thinks of being unsuccessful. In this case person should be honest yourself, he/she should not insist on continuing this life that person regret later, person should talk about all uncertainties of marriage before marriage, person should learn information from true and healthy sources and he/she should know that marriage is trust and closeness so it is appropriate for nature of human. The only way is that people take Pre-marital Sexual Counseling and Guidance Services and Pre-marital Training of Mother, Father and Couple. There are institutions and organizations in our country.