The rate of impotence in our country is higher... But many men prefer staying head to head with trouble over going to a sex therapist or an urologist because of some various reasons. Therefore, couple's sex life can be interrupted a period but it is not necessary that couple breaks up each other because of the problem of impotence because impotence can be treated and besides the only way of protecting special closeness between couples is not sex...

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It signifies the inability to get and maintain an erection necessary for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Some men can not have any erection, some men can not bring penises to begin level of sexual intercourse with partners, some of them can have erection to begin level of sexual intercourse but erection can be lost in a short time. In other words, impotence can be defined as “erectile dysfunction” which is an inability to provide erection again and again for sexual intercourse or is an unable to protect erection during the necessary time for successful intercourse.


Most of men can have impotence from time to time because of stress, fatigue, anxiety, problems about relationship and excess alcohol consumption so there is noting to worry about… But if this is too much trouble, “the fear of failure” can become a serious psychological problem and thus, a temporary situation can turn into a constant problem because some form of negative thoughts such as “Will be the same again!”, “My penis can not erection again!” or “I will be disgraced again!” can lead to repeat past failures and these can be cause stress before each sex. Moreover, many organic situations can prevent erectile such as reduction the blood in penis result of the narrowing of the blood from the arteries which effect to penis erectile, blood is coming back in order that venous blood can not shut itself down, hormone disorders, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or prostate disorders. The sudden emergence of impotence is normal during some intercourse but it can be sometimes because of psychological factors.


The impotence treatment can be different according to reason so impotence can be treated with sometimes sexual therapy, sometimes drug, surgical interventions, sometimes penile prostheses (happiness bar). In other words, the impotence can be 100% treated so it is not destiny… Qualified person can undertake “the risk factors which is to be able to be corrected” before the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Reduction or stop smoking and alcohol consumption, treatment of sleep and snoring problems, starting a regular exercise, weight loss or resolving problems between couples ect. can benefit of impotence. Some activities is very good for impotence most of the time such as when couples can spare the time each other, have the common hobbies, create romantic moments with together, take a shower, have romantic dinners by candlelight, read or watch something about penis-vagina to learn alternative sex techniques and do erotic massage. Anyway, if man has erection problems, “drug” is in the first step of treatment. If man does not respond to drug treatment, second line treatment option is “penis injections”. If second line treatment is unacceptable by men or it fails, “joy stick” can be attached.