Pacta Sunt Servante In Marriage

Pacta Sunt Servante In Marriage

Love is a choice. People express and perceive love in different ways. Truth which means continuing love and commitment to love, also means to fulfill the promises, keep the promises, love, friendship and stability.

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In other word, being truth is that couple can stick by promises each other. JALAL AL-Din al Rumi defines it very nice; “What is truth, you know? Truth means not to underestimate the unwilling to person who you left behind and you burn when you are going. Truth is not to betray dignity of friendship, promises after a prayer and dream. Truth is not to underestimate Hell against others’ eternal reward and not to sell sublime beauty to the world…” In this respect, truth is full, perfect, sincere, strong and unwavering commitment of the heart.


Friendly person is loyal and faithful. This person in order to overcome obstacles and challenges of marital life, person strives to do what needs to be rigorously fulfills. In this sense, loyalty and truth are superior moral trait that couple will be happy with each other during their marriage. Love, affection, compassion, patriotism, bravery and truth are as a weapon of couple. These emotions increase enthusiasm and excitement in the way of life. Healthy and happy couples are truthful, honest, trustworthy, loyal, truth and responsibility.


Elders said; “First life, then lover (canan)”. Life is partner, lover (canan) is others. Each other should be priority for couple and they are not selfish about this. They cannot afford the loss of value, they must value. In this regard, firstly person should think partner about issues that require great sacrifice, then others. Person should not deny partner kindness, care, respect and reverence which you show for others. Moreover, couple should suggest something and give a warning in order not to walk into a trap in marriage life. Couple should try to correct your own mistake, person should not just break up partner when other one makes a mistake and person should help and support partner. That is true love. Feelings of compassion and protection should be dominated in love. Person should love partner when partner is healthy or ill besides person show to love more partner when partner is ill or old.  If this is not done, person must be disloyalty and unfaithful is too painful. Person’s love and loyalty have to emerge more in difficult times. Diamond and coal part company in this time. This is a test of couple with fire. When raw gold puts on fire, useless worst part rises to the top. When this part is thrown, there is pure and pristine gold.  Married life will examine challenges to couple and merely, couple will be happy that can pass this test. Couples, who are high quality, sane, brave, honest ad friendly, never affected forum difficulties. They have always their loyalty. Loyal and faithful couples always say “WE” with love whatever may come alone. That is real devotion and loyalty.


The foundation of healthy and happy relationship bases on loyalty. Couple sometimes wants to get away from each other in order to afraid of intimacy. It is normal event. They can connect to each other through loyalty. Loyalty is to take responsibility, control their fears and be emotionally ready because couple promises each other when they get marriage. Registry office says; “Good times and bad times, in illness and in health, do you promise to love each other and protect themselves?” and couple says; “Yes!”. Pacta sunt servant is to abide by a promise. One of the important characters of human is being faithful. Therefore, couple should stay away from lack of confidence, deceiving each other and being false to their word. Going back on one’s promise is opposite of Pacta sunt servant.