Perforce Satisfy Brings About Premature Ejaculation

Perforce Satisfy Brings About Premature Ejaculation

At the beginning of the most major problems of couples is premature ejaculation. Seven out of every ten men, who have an active sexual life, have premature ejaculation in a period of their own life. Premature ejaculation, which is the most common sexual dysfunction of men, is described as the state that is unable to provide the sexual control.

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Early vacant men often think that making love is a PLODDING to ejaculate and they mainly perceive that making love is a TASK to blow away their partner. Therefore, they feel an intense PRESSURE and STRESS when they make love with partners. The pressure and stress are enemy of sexual life and they cause to secrete the stress hormone is called ADRENALINE. When adrenaline is secreted, love muscles, which are an important for ejaculation reflex, cause Premature Ejaculation because of involuntary contractions. In this case, women can not orgasm or ejaculate. Men feel BEING UNDER PRESSURE in order not to fulfill their task and so they feel even more stress. This vicious circle leads that premature ejaculation takes the form of COUPLE’S SEXUAL INCONSISTENCY. However, when man lives sexuality with partner, if he quits thinking that sexuality is a task, discharge is not his target and he can focus on the pleasure of making love, he tries to keep loose muscles during sexual intercourse, he can have happy sexuality and he can ejaculate when he want.



Premature ejaculation is not a fate. It is a problem of couple’s sexual inconsistency which is treated 100% by sexual therapy. Sexual therapy programs can provide a discharge control. Intermittent flashing red light means “absolutely stop and go to be moving again after the road is open” in traffic rules. When drivers see this light, they put on brake. While male lives sexuality, he feels “If I continue, I have to ejaculate!” It is same as flashing red light in traffic. If man wants to overcome premature ejaculation, when he feels this feeling, he should stop the unity of penis-vagina, he should hold his penis inactive, he should soften his love muscles when he continues to stimulate partner and he should learn to control his breath.



When man has sex with woman, he offers his soul and body to partner as a gift. Woman accepts this gift. Then, it is woman’s duty. Woman takes the risk of rejection and fail and then woman wants partner to play with herself. Woman has a right of claim and man has a right to reject. Therefore, woman should take responsibility for discharge instead of waiting partner to satisfy himself. Woman is responsible herself to use partner’s body, clamp her body and have fantasy for orgasm. Thus, woman are responsible herself for the sexual satisfaction. Female does not have to reach orgasm or satisfy to his partner. Woman does not have only penis to orgasm. This can be achieved in different ways.

The model of taking responsibility puts woman in charge but it frees man. Thus, couple is satisfied.  Every people have conditions chains which are about sexual desire, arousal and satisfaction. Moreover, every people have rights of claim but many people believe that all of sexual things are done by partner’s duties.