Relationship of Mother-Son and Life of Marriage

Relationship of Mother-Son and Life of Marriage

Many of women, especially woman, who have decided to marriage, do not want to choose men that have good communication with mothers because of the idea to have some problems in relationship and women describe these men such as “fond of his mother”, “mommy” or “mama’s boy”. Therefore, many of women prefer men who do not have communication with mothers. However, contrary to expectations, being very dependent on mother and being too detached from mother can cause problems in marriage.

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This situation means “fond of mother, mommy and mama’s boy” in the public language and it is known “men who are smelled uterus in the language of psychology in other words, it means dependent on mother. Both of them mean that their relationships with their own mothers are problematic. These kinds of men do not determine the role between wives and mothers. In other words, a mother wants to control her boy not to be able to accept that her boy is bigger and a boy can be trapped inside this control mechanism. As a result of these two individuals become "addicted" with together. Thus, mother is always first for his kind of man and so it is not even possible that others take his mother place because there is a woman in the hearts of every man. Moreover, marriages with this kind of man can cause to be unhappy, infidelity and marital conflict because of problems (debate, sexual intercourse ect.). Conflicts of bride and mother-in-law are more.


Especially boy’s the firs woman and teacher is a mother who is “giving care and love”. Therefore, a relationship between mother and boy is more special… Men learn life and people, especially females from their mothers. In other words, a mother is a decisive role in male’s future relationship. Therefore, a mother should allow and support her boy to behave as autonomous and independent. If male is autonomous and independent, he can be “connected” with mother but he is not “addicted” to her. If male has communication problems with mother, he can have some communication problems with his wife in the future. However, a male has health and balanced relationship with his mother in childhood; he can be more successful in relationship with his wife so if male have more successful relationship with mother, he can be a good friend, husband and father in the future.


Men are described as dependent or addicted do not show the same characteristics. Therefore, it is correct that adjectives should be detached like “attached male” and “dependent male”. Moreover, every human includes the three ego-states such as "parents", "adult" and "child". Mother-son relationship is supposed to be adult-adult relationship in adulthood because the adult ego state is more important. It is defined as man attaches to his mother, he is “reasonable” and “common sense” and it also helps human to be act objectively to environment, wife and others. Man can move with taking into account the fact and basing on the available date thanks to the adult ego. If male does not have communication with mother or he is too dependent on mother, the mother-son relationship is continuing and this situation causes to be big problems during couple relationship. Therefore, woman should be careful to choose a husband. An ideal husband can be described that male has healthy and balanced relationship with mother and this relationship is not parent-child, it should be an adult-adult. This kind of man can love his wife more.