Sex is a Mortar of Marriage

Sex is a Mortar of Marriage

Does a happy marriage have with sex? We are marriage therapists, who are working marriage problems, sure that the key of a happy marriage is a happy sex and an unconditionally love because an active sex life is a mortar to connect between the keystone of happy marriage such as patience, loyalty, unconditional love, sincerity, loyalty, compassion, passion and mutual respect.

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How is it that, it is important to put enough mortar between bricks until a healthy basis in order to have a structure; continuing mutual satisfaction of sexual intercourse is one of the most important conditions to obtain a healthy way of bilateral relations and marriages. In other words, mutual understanding, love, respect, and love are a pair of very important factors to bring together but a primary role for continuing to relations is a physical cohesion, is a sex so sex is a mortar of marriage. On the contrary, sexual life is actually an important key for a happy marriage because the sexual instinct is the main reason for people to be happy more. Therefore, sexual desire is a normal part of human nature. How do people use this key to the right place and at the right time to be “we” and “family”?


Providing an erection or getting wet of vagina are not enough for arousal, reaching desire and mutual satisfaction. They are usually reactions that combine with excitement for man and woman. Therefore, couples should not have sex to only sex, they should really ask themselves what they want because, if sex is better, marriage can be strong. Nobody wants sexual problems to affect marriage life so couples should share their own thoughts with partners before sex. If couples talk about requests and expectations, they can have mutually satisfying sex and they can overcome marriage problems. Moreover, if sexuality, talking about sexuality and sexual shares are second plan for couples, all of them can affect the daily life very much.


Couple has to believe something more than be love, count, forget and see for being “we” so they cannot give partner a dose of her/his own medicine. Well, what is the point of being “we”? Of course, it is share… Share but share to body, spirit and desire with partner… Couple needs to put aside their own shame feelings and fears in order to be “we”. Therefore, couples should ask themselves why they want to sex and they should share all responses with partners so they can notice ever thing is well. As we know that sex is the latest point of share between couple and most important feeling for the concept of “we”.


Love, marriage and intimate relations are an accident caravan journey. People can have problems in addition to have significant and beautiful moments. It is important to be able to design caravan on road. Overages can be disposed and gaps can be completed during this process. Couple who can hold the balance of the logic and emotions and love and friendship, couple can be happy during this journey. If there are patience, loyalty, unconditional love, sincerity, loyalty, compassion, passion, and mutual respect, there can be a happy relation and healthy sex life. As is known, sexuality is more important for love. Therefore, couples should use sex very well which is the most powerful weapon, and couple should put it on an essential place.