Unbearable Weight of Being Male and Guy with Penis

Unbearable Weight of Being Male and Guy with Penis

For centuries, penis, which is loaded very large meanings by people, is very great important for males’ show of strength as well as the choices of females for males. By reason of errors are known corrects, most of male and female are disappointed both of their sexual live and social live in order not to break down their own taboos. However, secret of neither male nor guy and happy sexuality are not penis…

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Social overall judgment and culture match up masculinity and mankind with penis. It is very wrong. Moreover, they code that sexuality is shame, sin and is forbidden on people’ memories. Thus, sexuality is kept secret from people. Therefore, the main characteristics of men determine their behavior such as their hardness, manliness, dignity, masculinity, strengths and supports and people lump all of them in with sexuality. This wrong idea “Symbol of male sexual power is penis!” comes up to the present day. However, the concepts of masculinity and manliness are not the case at all…


Like Can Yücel said that guy is called, grasps hands of his woman inside of his palm not opposite his hand. Woman must know that she is in safe hands. You can say he is a guy and you can be comfortable with him. Guy is called is an advised boy and he will be able to think woman up to her. Guy is called when he is showed an interest by woman, he can show an interest in woman and when he is showed a love, can show a love. Guy is not having chop-chop and bad acting (macho). You can say he is guy who knows caress soul of woman and he must be romantic. If he is a guy, he does not think that it is a craft that he forgot special days. You say that he is a guy, some day he comes with flowers. Guy should not behave as if nothing is happened when woman wears beautifully. Guy can be brave but he cannot use brave against woman. He can be brave to say “I love you!”. He does not hid behind other things. You say that he is guy, If he says “I miss you!”, he must come and ıf he says “I cannot want to lost you!”, he must not lost. He cannot run away the next screen after man says “I love!”…


A taboo of penis size holds an important place in the settlement of social and moral values is synonymous with “male”, “masculinity”, “guy”, “manliness” and “strong man” and so human being has the stupidity of looking at the window of taboo and fetish body (penis) because when men undress, their penises are in stage. When man looks at his body in profile or in front, he must focus on only one point so caprice of lead is very much. Today, well educated people accept that penis size symbolizes power and authority. Penis size which is synonymous with male sexuality, is perceived as a guarantee of sexual pleasure and is the symbol of power. In fact, there is not standard in this work because penis size ranges from people to people who are living in different climates and various races. “Penis size is generally important but it is not enough for a healthy sex life”. Man’s sperms must reach the back of woman’s vagina in order to be inseminated. For this purpose, penis size is 10 cm or more that is enough but people should be noted that the function of penis is more important than penis size in sexuality. It means that penis size is not important in sexuality intercourse because woman takes pleasure a part of 1/3 of vagina and the clitoris. Therefore, the length of the penis does not have any connection between the characteristic features such as masculinity, strength, hardness, breeding, respectability, and protection as there is no connection between penis size and the penis function


Generally, a perception of sex is visual show in minds of men and sexual desire of women is perceptions in minds. In other words, sexual desire and fuel is mobility of pleasure centers in brain. This is simpler than woman. In woman, this sexual desire, desire and orgasm do not only depend on penis but also stimulation of clitoris and senses of love, compassion and trust are provided by men. This is a sign if man loves partner and he can let partner know about desire and love, his partner can orgasm more easily. Therefore, man should develop himself to be able to place in brain of woman, be comfortable, be understaning, be compassionate, be guiding and have friendly behavior instead of the fact that men try set of medical methods, using drugs or set of sprays for being later orgasm or enlarging penis size. Moreover, firstly man should appeal to woman’s feelings, secondly man should recognize female’s body, learn female’s erogenous points and function of clitoris which is the most important point of woman and he should focus on pleasure. If sexuality is done only with penis size, it can be one-sided. Man must dominate a mind of woman. Furthermore, ıt should be noted, woman’s sexuality, discharge and orgasm are quite complex and mysterious so this is a counter-notification that can be easily imitated.


Male or female, on the basis of most of sexual dysfunction are false beliefs (sexual myths, superstitions), sexual ignorance and inexperience. Moreover, at the beginning of the underlying causes of male sexual function disorders like premature ejaculation, impotence and unhappy sexual relation are that man does not know woman’s body, man has negative thoughts about a length of penis, man and woman have an exaggerated expectations, they afraid of fail, they cannot faith in themselves, they are obsessed with penis size and length, they think penis is a symbol of masculinity and manliness. Ways of temporary solution about these problems are medications, inhalers and medical intermeddling but way of permanent solutions is sexual therapy that is determined the causes of these problems and is implemented a treatment plan. Sexual problems can be treated face to face with sex therapy.