We Can Not Continue A Marriage And We Can Not Prosper To Divorce

We Can Not Continue A Marriage And We Can Not Prosper To Divorce

As is known that generally, we can not healthy continue a marriage and we can not manly prosper to divorce…

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There is not a marriage the absence of conflict. When stress and hassles of everyday life are combined with individuals’ personal thoughts and familial values, couples’ disagreements and discussions can sometimes be unavoidable and hence, all people in home are negatively affected and moreover, children’ mental health is damaged.  Very few couples want a professional help to solve their problems in marriages. Moreover, nobody think to take a premarital education in order to be able to solve any problems in marriage and cope with a divorce process. There are some informative books and “Pre-Marriage Education” programs that aim at preparing for marriage life and Ministry of Family and Social Policy (Turkey) recommends to couples who are to come to the age of marriage and want to have a family. These educations and books’ aims are that couples recognize with each other well, can have realistic expectations about marriage, can learn ways of effective communicate and how to deal with potential problem can make a good start for marriage. As Turkey Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists Association (PSİKODER) therapists, we want that these programs should be legally obliged and these should be provided free of charge by the government.


“Marriage” is seen as what a man and a woman go into for the rest of their lives and “marriage” is a partnership for life. It is one of the most important events in the lives of individuals… Marriage is a landmark and it affects greatly the rest of couple’s life. Therefore, couple must be successful during marriage life because it can affect to future, social environment, work life, parents, couple, children and individuals. Therefore, couple should receive premarital education under the responsibility of government and all services should be free of charge because these educations are more important necessities for peaceful people, health sexuality, happy marriage and family life… Premarital educations are put forward by scientific studies in all over the world. Therefore, premarital education should be forced and should be expanded across the country immediately.


The premarital education must be given in order to be able to teach all components necessary for a successful marriage such as financial affairs, communication styles, couple’s expectations from marriage and each other, individuals’ roles in marriage, sex life and intimacy, children and being parents, conflict resolution and support to couple who are getting married. Professional and licensed matrimonial advisers should make some recommendations to recognize oneself, how a marriage can be continued well, how couples can stay happy with together for a long time est. If person know himself/herself well, all partners is a wrong choice. Moreover, when couple decides to divorce as a result of potential problems who takes a premarital consultation, they can succeed in this process less painful because of the result of a premarital consultation because couple can win more experiences for problem solving and recognition to partner with a premarital consultation. Thus, couple can focus on only main problems without blaming each other, they can take healthy and noticeable decisions and they can be so traumatized…If couple is a parent, couple should take a premarital consultation/education in order that children are not influenced from couple conflict and divorce. Therefore, it is most important that the government refer couple to a premarital consultation/education and these should be provided free of charge by the government because a family is the foundation of society, a healthy family is a guarantee of our future