You Can Make A Difference of Being Deceived Before

You Can Make A Difference of Being Deceived Before

Lovers, shared the same house, engaged, married, almost everyone can have fears of being deceived and deceive. People try to make a decision on intuition about cheating or not themselves so they are sometimes mistaken and they regret, they sometimes take a decision buy they cannot implement a decision. There is a same result of two separate decision; disappointment.

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Cheat is an able to be prognostication situation. Result of researching, women cheat for love, men cheat because of sexual dissatisfaction are understood but whatever the cause, if couple do not act like an ostrich, they can realize the problems in relationship. In other word, they can hear alarm bell. Well, when do the alarm bells start to ring:

-       If partner makes out a case and comes at home late,

-       If partner’s computer, mobile phone, tablet have a password and he/she do not want to say,

-       If partner begins to spare the time to social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, MSN ect.

-       If partner often goes on a journey,

-       If you cannot reach him/her or person does not answer the mobile phone,

-       If partner thinks that job and life are blocked because of you,

-       If partner takes pain over clothes, underwear and her/hisself,

-       If partner’s credit card spending shows an increase,

If you talk with your partner face to face, partner cannot look into your eyes,

-       If partner behaves cold and priggish,

-       If partner begins to make a response “Are you trying to dominate me?”,

-       If partner does not act lovely,

-       If partner does not have a shower with you,

-       If you are sleeping, partner does not hug or partner begins to sleep in front of TV in order not to sleep with you in the same bed and partner have a problem of insomnia,

-       If your sexual life finishes without cause,

-       If partner begins to forget own responsibility successively,

-       If partner acts as if you are not there.


As a result of long years of experience, Cinsel Sağlık Enstitü Derneği (CİSED) sex therapists advocate that lists show a sing which love is finished so couples should not try to turn a blind eye to be problem in relationship. If you notice at least 7 notes, you do not want to lose your lover or you do not want to break up relationship, you can need to make an appointment with a marriage therapist.