Family Consultant, Senior Psychological Counselor, Psychotherapist, Psychotherapy Educator and Supervisor, Newspaper Columnist, Author, President of PSIKODER, Honorary Chairman of CISED

He was graduated from 19 Mayis University Faculty of Medicine. He has a postgraduate degree in “Psychiatry” from Azerbaijan State University Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. He studied “Family Counseling” at Baskent University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Social Services. He has a master's degree in “Psychological Counseling and Guidance” from Konya Selcuk University Social Sciences Institute.

He received psychoanalytic psychotherapy taining and supervision from Prof. DR. Vamik Volkan and Prof. Dr. Cengiz Gulec who are two well-kwown Psychiatrist & Psychoanalysts in Turkey. He received 2000 clock hours of training in Psychotherapy Training Application and Certificate of Psychotherapist Proficiency from PSIKODER (Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists Association) and from Prof. Dr. Cengiz Gulec.

He founded the Association of Sexual Health Institute (CISED - www.cised.org.tr) and he is currently the president of CISED. He is also the vice president of Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists Association (PSIKODER - www.psikoder.org.tr).

He gives psychotherapy, sex therapy and marriage therapy trainings to physicians and mental health professionals. He also provides training and seminars for public on various subjects including parents, marriage and relationships, sexual health, personal development, self being and awareness.

He wrote in Sabah, one of the major Turkish newspapers, for six years about sexual health, happy marriage and family life. He is currently writing in Hurriyet, another major Turkish newspaper, in his sexual health column and in various magazines and web sites ((Beef & Fish, More, Spa Wellness, Baby-You, Hurriyet Family) and also answers the reader questions about psychological problems, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, love, marriage, relationships and sexuality.

He is the author of the following books:

  1. Ancient Sex Teachings
  2. Ancient Teachings of Love
  3. Aphorisms
  4. Bedroom Legends
  5. Ejaculation, Orgasm and Sexual Satisfaction
  6. Homosexuality Is Not Destiny
  7. I Hate You but Never Leave Me (Borderline Personality Disorder)
  8. I’m the Best Therapist
  9. Impotence
  10. Lets Have Fun Rather Then Fighting
  11. Literal Sexuality
  12. Manly
  13. Nobody Can Love Me As Much As Me (Narcissism, Narcissistic Structure and Narcissistic Personality Disorder)
  14. One Day in Therapy
  15. Overcoming the Premature Ejaculation
  16. Overcoming the Vaginismus
  17. Sealed Body
  18. Sex Fear
  19. Ten Steps in the Treatment of Premature Ejaculation
  20. Ten Steps in the Treatment of Vaginismus
  21. To Be or Not To Be
  22. Unbearable Weightiness of Sexuality
  23. Womanly
  24. You Think Have No Solution, But You Are the Solution


  1. Bachelor’s Degree at 19 Mayis University Faculty of Medicine - 6 years (1300 hours/year)
  2. Master’s Degree at Konya Selcuk University Social Sciences Institute - 2 years (1000 hours/year)
  3. Doctoral Degree at Azerbaijan State University Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry - 3 years (1000 hours/year)
  4. Family Counseling Training at Baskent University - 84 hours
  5. Supervision of Prof. Dr. Vamik Volkan - 3 years (100 hours / year)
  6. 2000 clock hours of training in Human Sexuality Core Knowledge content areas at CISED
  7. 2000 clock hours of psychotherapy training at PSIKODER
  8. 100 hours of Sexuality Attitude Reassessment at CISED
  9. 25 hours consultation over 12 months with Gerald R. Weeks, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Consultant
  10. 100 hours of student-teacher contact hours for 2 years at CISED
  11. 450 clock hours of Family Counseling Training at Turkish Aeronautical
  12. 450 clock hours of Family Counseling Training at CISED

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